Adapted milk infant formula for nutrition of healthy infants, as well as specialized formulas for infants with special nutritional needs.

Nutrilak® Premium - is a line of premium infant formulas with a unique balanced fat composition with milk fat without palm and rapeseed oil and important nutrients, like in breast milk. They are intended for feeding healthy infants, as well as for infants born by c- section, for infants with risk of developing food allergies and to prevent functional disorders of the digestive system.

Nutrilak® Premium liquid formulas are ready to feed, convenient to use, and sterile manufacturing conditions ensure the safety of the beneficial properties of the products and protect against bacteria.

Nutrilak® Premium specialized formulas are designed for the dietary nutritional therapy of infants in the presence of functional disorders of the digestive system, such as regurgitation, colic, constipation, as well as in case of lactase deficiency, galactosemia, in case of intolerance of milk protein and lactose, for premature and low-weight babies.