Milk whole grain cereal “Wheat with apple Procereals”

For babies from 5 months

Whole grain. Without added sugar.

100 % natural

  • from whole grain, whole milk with the addition of fruit flakes
  • without added sugar and salt
  • palm oil free
  • GMO free
  • flavoring free
  • colors and preservative free
  • packaged in special conditions ensuring the safety of the product

Nothing extra. Simply useful

Cardboard package: 200 g

    Whole grain wheat flour, whole milk powder, dry demineralized whey, apple flakes. Contains gluten.

    Nutrition value

    (average) *

    In 100 g of dry product

    In one portion

    (30 g of product + 80-90 ml of water)


    Energy value, кJ/kcal



    Protein, g



    Fat, g



    Carbohydrates, g



    Water, g, not more






    Na, mg




    1. Wash your hands before preparing meals for the baby!
    2. Use clean dishes.
    3. Pour 80-90 ml of drinking water heated to 50°C for children or boiled water cooled to 50°C.
    4. Gradually pour out, continuously stirring, 30 g of dry product (approximately 3 tablespoons).
    5. Stir until completely dissolved and cool to a comfortable temperature for feeding the baby (36-38 °C). Cereal is ready to eat. It is recommended to use a fork to stir cereal.



    Storage conditions:

    • Store at a temperature of 1 to 25 ° C and relative humidity not more than 75%.
    • After opening the bag, store the product in a cool, dry place for no more than 3 weeks.
    • Always cook cereal just before feeding.
    • Do not use leftover cereal for the next feeding.
    • Close the open bag tightly after preparing each serving.

     Shelf life 18 months